Goodbye Fallen Cat

Goodbye oh fair cat who wandered in our yard.
Nine lives were no match for the dog who stood guard.

His deed seems evil but that is his nature.
I wish it weren’t this way oh curious creature.

You were lively and young, merely a teen in cat years.
Playful days are gone, no more laughter only tears.

For the soul who loved you, this tragedy is hard to accept.
She endlessly calls your name as her sad heart wept.

Searching near and far, she’d pay no matter what the cost.
This time you shall not go home, you are forever lost.

The night is long, I’m wide awake and my heart is heavy.
I feel helpless and weak, your death is my responsibility.

In my mind circles a thought that I’ll always recall.
I wish I’d been there sooner, I could’ve stopped it all.

Orange Tabby ✝
12:48 AM 9/1/2013

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